Master Empires and Transcontinental Spaces

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Start of Winter Term:

On October 20, 2021, at 15 p.m. we offer a virtual introduction to our programme for all new students. If you want to participate, please contact Renée Krusche for more information.

Since the winter semester 2017/18 the new master program “Empires and Transcontinental Spaces” (Come visit us on Facebook) has been open for applications.


The master program “Empires and Transcontinental Spaces” is an interdisciplinary master program, jointly offered by the disciplines of American studies, Japanese studies, Chinese studies, modern and contemporary history, and Eastern European history. It ties in with the goals pursued by transnational history and global history, i.e. of overcoming the narrow perspective of the nation (state), and it forces a dialogue among area studies and their expertise on individual world regions. This includes questions on transfer, circulation, and interconnectedness, but also fractures of and obstacles to these notions. Central issues of interest are the history of empires (like the British Empire, the Russian Empire, or the “World Power” USA) and of the geographic dimensions of power asymmetries and exchange processes, which, since the end of the Cold War, no longer exhibit a predominantly bipolar but rather a multipolar structure (cf. the geopolitical rise of China).

The term “transcontinental” highlights the focus and the specific nature of the master program, i.e. to relate research on the three large regions Europe, Northern America, and East Asia. This is reflected in the study schedule of the four term-program, which understands interdisciplinarity not merely in an additive sense but as an integral element. Seminars conducted in co-teaching and joint exams guarantee a close dialogue between the disciplines and across the regions. In addition, international workshops and excursions with the participation of students are organized regularly (2017 Tokyo, 2017 Beijing, 2018 Seoul, 2019 Kharkiv/Odessa).

The program has been running since the winter term of 2017/18 and the first students will soon graduate. Seminars so far conducted in co-teaching include, among others, „Medial Staging of the Space Race in East and West“, „Moving Knowledge – Knowledge and Transfer in Europe and Asia in the 20th Century“, „A transcontinental history of the Economic. Europe and China in the Modern Era“.

For information concerning current dates and events, please click here for the Facebook presence of the program.